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Mespere LifeSciences

The Next Generation of Cardiac and Cerebral Hemodynamic Monitoring
The best performance at a fraction of the cost.

Mespere LifeSciences is a high-tech medical device company focused on providing better solutions for critical clinical needs by
reducing the need for invasive clinical procedures.

Mespere has 
developed breakthrough products such as the world's first FDA approved non-invasive and continuous central venous pressure (VENUS 2000 CVP), jugular venous oximetry, Fick Principle based cardiac output and stroke volume (VO 100), and the highest approved absolute trending accuracy cerebral oximetry with blood volume monitoring systems (NeurOs Cerebral Oximetry)Mespere aims to provide connected multi-organ solutions which are more cost effective, easier to use, safer, painless, all while improving patient outcomes.

Currently, these measurements can only be obtained through highly invasive catheters. Other products that Mespere has developed include cardiac output, stroke volume, cerebral perfusion, muscle oxygenation, brain imaging etc.

Mespere's products have significant advantages over the traditional invasive methods in that they are; non-invasive, infection free, easy to use, lower cost etc.  Mespere LifeSciences products have a wide range of clinical applications in hospital and at-home settings. The products can be applied to patients with chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure and early stage renal failure to help improve the quality of life and reduce the cost of medical care.


The most complete non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring solution


Over the past 10 years we have developed a number of breakthrough technologies in order to provide integrated, noninvasive, cardiac and cerebral hemodynamic monitoring solutions. All of our product development targets to overcome the technical hurdles or limitations of the existing methods, and provide solutions to unmet critical clinical needs.

Our unique approach focuses not only on the arterial side but the venous return back to the heart. With our technology, clinicians can achieve a complete noninvasive hemodynamic profile in a matter of minutes. 

We offer the most comprehensive noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring solution that includes

  • Central venous pressure,
  • Jugular venous oxygenation,
  • Cardiac output,
  • Depth resolved cerebral tissue oxygenation with cerebral blood volume index 
  • Beat by beat blood pressure and SpO2. 

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