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Sooma Medical tDCS



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Sooma is a world-leading provider of effective brain stimulation treatments for psychiatric and neurological disorders. The therapies are drug-free, and can be used either as a first-line of treatment or to bring additive effects to other forms of treatment. Our therapies are used by healthcare professionals in 35 countries worldwide to treat patients, with proven results of efficacy.

Sooma Depression Therapy is a solution for bifrontal
transcranial direct current stimulation. It includes a
stimulation system and a remote patient monitoring

The Home Kit includes all you need for administering
Sooma Depression Therapy efficiently both in the
clinic or at the patients’ home.

The stimulator unit comes with 2 mA current and 30-
minute stimulation duration as default parameters.
This current is applied through the DLPFC using
proprietary Sooma Comfort accessories.

The solution is Class IIa medical device indicated for
treatment of major depressive disorder. It is built to
the highest industry standards in Finland.

Cost for the complete tDCS is £2,995.00 plus VAT.                                                                          
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