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Dolphin 4D
Dolphin 4D



Everything you expect from state-of-the-art TCD systems, and much more...... 

The Dolphin is a significant upgrade to existing TCD systems, and is the ideal choice for hospitals and
private clinics!   

 - High Quality Digital Doppler with routine standard TCD features and advanced signal processing

 - High resolution colour M Mode

 - Visual and Audio Replay of spectral and M Mode data at any depth

 - Improved workflow with flexible design according to your needs

 - User friendly interface designed for touch screen


Advanced Features:


 - Offline Post Processing of depth, sample volume, gain, scale and filter
 - Multi DepthVelocity Profile
 - Advanced HITS Detection and Analysis
 - Proprietary HITS Algorithm with accurate ranking                            
 - Detection of direction, energy, duration and depth
 - Option to detect HITS in all gates!

 - Fast and thorough review of all HITS
 - Special display up to 50 times faster than spectrum!
 - HITS and artifacts distribution charts
 - Complex & Energy graphs

Network Connectivity:

- Easily configure connectivity with automated connection test
- DICOM Worklist, Storage and Structured Report
- HL7 Query, ADT, Orders and Reports
- GDT Interface

- Unlimited Review Stations
- Unlimited number of review stations
- Replay examinations with full spectrum and Doppler audio
- Complete shared network database solution
- Reanalyze and add interpretations to a finalized report

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