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Dolphin Transcranial Doppler Systems
Dolphin Transcranial Doppler Systems



Proudly introducing the Dolphin/4D and the Dolphin/XF, the most advanced and unique bilateral TCD robot!
Quickly scans the cerebral circulation and automatically assists in identifying blood flow velocities on the
right and left sides of the brain. Using the Dolphin/XF is fast, simple and stable. Ideal for monitoring in the
ICU, OR, and TCD lab, and for a range of specialty tests such as PFO or VMR tests. Complete system for intracranial and extracranial studies.


Everything you expect from state-of-the-art TCD systems, and much more...... 

The Dolphin is a significant upgrade to existing digital TCD systems on the market and is the ideal choice for hospitals and private clinics!   

 - High Quality Digital Doppler with routine standard TCD features and advanced signal processing
 - High resolution colour M Mode
 - Visual and Audio Replay of spectral and M Mode data at any depth
 - Improved workflow with flexible design according to your needs
 - User friendly interface designed for touch screen



Advanced Features:

 - Offline Post Processing of depth, sample volume, gain, scale and filter
 - Multi DepthVelocity Profile
 - Advanced HITS Detection and Analysis
 - Proprietary HITS Algorithm with accurate ranking                            
 - Detection of direction, energy, duration and depth
 - Option to detect HITS in all gates!

 - Fast and thorough review of all HITS
 - Special display up to 50 times faster than spectrum!
 - HITS and artifacts distribution charts
 - Complex & Energy graphs



Network Connectivity:

- Easily configure connectivity with automated connection test
- DICOM Worklist, Storage and Structured Report
- HL7 Query, ADT, Orders and Reports
- GDT Interface
- Unlimited Review Stations
- Unlimited number of review stations
- Replay examinations with full spectrum and Doppler audio
- Complete shared network database solution
- Reanalyze and add interpretations to a finalized report

Lease options through GRENKE UK available with three year warranty!

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