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This is FreescanTM: small, mobile and innovative

Set you free: Freescan
TM – the first cuffless blood pressure monitor in the world. 

Freescan™ is the first monitor able to read blood pressure straight from the pulse. Using the recently developed PulseRead™ technology, pulse frequency is combined with a single-lead ECG to deliver precise results in a very short space of time. FreescanTM is extremely fast, extremely practical and so small it fits into any trouser pocket.  

FreescanTM - Measure. Anywhere. Anytime.

Whether you are travelling, at the office, in a restaurant or at home – thanks to its small size, FreescanTM is always ready to use at a moment's notice. Three simple operating steps make blood pressure measurement very easy.

1. Switch on device,

2. Hold Freescan on left radial pulse at wrist with right hand and simultaneously press the start button with your index finger,
3. Wait for 10 seconds until Freescan beeps for results to be displayed on screen. 

FreescanTM - State of the art features 
Measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, stress level,
event marker and measurement status such as cardiac arrhythmia and
Atrial Fibrillation.

FreescanTM Technology - Innovative, simple and convincing 

Principles used by the device to generate device output: 

The device senses the lead 1 ECG and radial artery pulse by using 3 electrodes (1 as RA, 1 as LA, 1 as RL) and 1 pressure sensor. With the aforementioned bio-signal, the device can get certain parameters,
including pulse transmission time (PTT), and calculates SYS and DIA respectively according to a formula. The devices can also calculate heart rate (HR) and indicates irregular heart beat as well. 

Intended use of the device:

Before using the device, it must first be calibarted using an approved EN/IEC60601 certified blood pressure monitor.The device is used to monitor an individual persons blood pressure and is helpful to those with hypertension disease. It may be applied to the population from age 20 to age 80, for both male and female. Since the device has to sense the radial artery pulse, it must be applied to left wrist with handheld by right hand. Measurements can be performed anytime the users intend to do so, as long as the device is operated correctly.The measurement result (SYS/DIA/HR) is for reference only and cannot be used diagnositically. Users have to consult their doctor for further interpretation and treatment.
The device will be sold over the counter with no prescription required. 

How the device interacts with other device or with the user: 

The device can be used standalone as a blood pressure monitor, and it can upload the data to a PC/smart-phone via USB/Bluetooth respectively for use with the "myFreescan" app.  

Explanation of the material used in the device:  

ECG electrodes: all 3 are gold-plated or platinum-plated (both are bio-compatible)Pulse sensor: force sensor encapsulated with silicon rubber, which is also a bio-compatible material.Mechanical: It includes a bottom case, a mid-frame, and a top lens. Electronic: PCB with active and passive components powered by a rechargeable battery Display: back-light LCD 

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